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The place to find a great friend LVP BOXERS

Lvp Boxers- Akc American Boxers in Ohio

Cinna Bella Cinna Bella Tired pups So tired 191017775 Cinna 11 weeks Super cute girl Otis's daughter. 191018529 Ball Is she that small, or is the ball huge? Otis's daughter. 191018530 13 weeks Her man hands for paws. She still has enormous paws. Otis's daughter. 191018531 10 weeks. Crazy cute. Otis's daughter. 191018532 Lanky She is 13-15 weeks here and getting lanky. We were never able to keep any weight on her. Otis's daughter. 191018533 Why don't you like me? He hated her at first. She was an alpha in a small package. Otis's daughter. 191018534 Beautiful girl Otis's daughter. 191018535