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The place to find a great friend LVP BOXERS

Lvp Boxers- Akc American Boxers in Ohio

Josie Marie Josie Marie Josie 3 weeks 188927260 Josie 4 weeks 188927262 Josie 5 weeks 188927263 Josie 6 weeks 188927264 Josie at camper looking for dinner 188794196 Josie born 5/1/2013 Parents Reggie and Josie 188794197 Josie thinking she is a cat 188794198 Josie at 8.5 months and 56 lbs 188794367 Josie Chillin 188927657 Josie and Moe 188927259 Josie and Big Brother Moe 188927656 Josie and Moe 188927261 Go ahead take my bone I dare you 189465176