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The place to find a great friend LVP BOXERS

Lvp Boxers- Akc American Boxers in Ohio

Jayden Jayden I know 'sit'! Jayden is a quick learner... especially for treats. :) 181731500 Bed time! 10 weeks old 181731501 10 weeks 181731502 Best Buds Watching the ducks together. 12 weeks old 181731503 13 weeks old At the vet 181731504 New family member Our drive home. 7 weeks old 181731505 Content Already best friends. 181731506 New Yard Checking out the grass in his new yard for the first time. 181731507 Rub my belly! 181731508 181731509 Mischievous Eyes! 181731510 Sleeping in Mommy's arms 181731511 Comfy He was so tired, we could lay him anywhere. 181731512 Sweet face 8 weeks old 181731513 Running with his favorite boy! 16 weeks 182951354 Waiting for love from mommy. 15 weeks 182951355 Loving his new bed. 16 weeks 182951356 He loves chasing the tennis ball! 16 weeks 182951357 Beautiful day at the park! 16 weeks 182951358 Protecting the sleeping angel. 197902117 First snow ball fight! 197902118 New baby brother. 197902119 Big brother brought me a toy from the circus! 197902120 Jayden with big brother 197902121 Christmas with my brothers! 197902122 Best friends! 197902123 Smooshy face! 197902124 197902125 197902126 Love my daddy! 197902127 197902128