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The place to find a great friend LVP BOXERS

Lvp Boxers- Akc American Boxers in Ohio

holley holley my 5 year old niece covered her up so she could sleep and not get cold 150045523 her first night with us 150045524 first night home with us 150045525 sleepy puppy 150152926 so cute when she is sleeping 150152927 holley sleeping 163813058 this is how she sleeps she is so silly 163813059 i got an itch mommy stop taking my pic and help me!!!!!! 163813060 this is my 6 year old son trenton and holley he covered her up with his blanket so they could have a sleepover 163813602 holley sitting pretty for the camera 163813603 holley having a sleepover with trenton :) 163813604 wrestling with trenton 179273868 i think she is winning 179273869 break time 179273870 at it again 179273871 give me my rope 179273872 got it 179273873 queen of trenton 179273874 silly boy 179273875 and she is done 179273770 okay maybe not haha 179273771 sitting all pretty for mommy :) 186939399