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The place to find a great friend LVP BOXERS

Lvp Boxers- Akc American Boxers in Ohio

Bella 12 weeks Old Bella 12 weeks Old 147773648 147773649 Bella Cinna and Tyson Otis is her dad. 191017028 Cinna found a new chair Otis is her dad. 191017029 She loves her chair Cinna daughter of Otis. 191017030 Cinna Otis's daughter You can see her body structure here and it is just like her dads. Her markings are a flip of his. 191017031 Cinna wanting me to come play Otis's daughter. 191017032 Cinna and Tyson Otis's daughter. 191017033 Tyson and Cinna Otis's daughter. She loves to sit on top of the other Boxer. Alpha, oh yeah. 191017034 Cinna the beautiful Otis's daughter. You can see how beautiful her markings are here. 191017035